Lake Alexander

2,708 acres | 3 public accesses | 16.2 miles of shoreline

Lake Alexander Cushing MN

Lake Alexander is 2,708 acres in size with 16.2 miles of shoreline. The deepest point is 64 feet located off Ogema Point and the average depth is 28 feet. Approximately 31 percent of the lake is less than 15 feet.

The fishing is great on Alec, as it’s affectionately called. It’s rated in the top 100 lakes in Minnesota for walleyes. Small and largemouth bass are also abundant. Many walleye are in the two-pound range and trophy fish are caught each year. The bass average 12 to 16 inches with three to four pounds being common. Also available for your fishing pleasure are northern pike, many in the three to four-pound range with a good number of eight-plus pounders caught each year. Muskies have also been stocked in Lake Alexander, now reaching trophy size. Crappies, sunfish, and perch also make their home in Lake Alexander.

There are two state-owned accesses on the east and west ends of the lake with parking available for a total of 45 rigs. A smaller township-owned access is available on the south side of the lake but has limited parking. Whether you’re looking for a high-powered fishing trip or a quiet family vacation, come to Lake Alexander for an unforgettable time.

Lake Alexander Map Cushing MN