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Certified as a Natural Health Professional CNHP, (A person trained to observe and seek out the cause of illness and disease in the human body and mind.) I specialize in treating inflammation and autoimmune disease of which there as of now, 140 known autoimmune diseases using the autoimmune advanced healing food protocol known as AIP along with implementing an Ayurvedic lifestyle with foods specific to your Ayurvedic Dosha.

As many individuals seek to take proactive responsibility for their health, there is a growing need for qualified natural health professionals such as myself with the skills and knowledge to help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Certified Natural Health Professionals, Inc. was created to provide information, instruction, and certification in the field of natural health practices that do not involve orthodox drugs or surgical procedures. Our philosophy is to respect an individual’s lifestyle choice while supporting the least invasive methods of health care maintenance.


  • A One-hour session looks at what your dietary and lifestyle habits are. Together we determine where changes need to be made. Then proceed to learn how to implement those changes after first implementing the AIP advanced healing protocol for a series of months determined by what you currently suffer from.
  • After working you through the AIP advanced healing protocol, we determine what may be the best route to take to reinstate balance using several modalities including nutritional guidance and other remedies such as natural homeopathy herbs and flower essences.
  • You learn what lifestyle change is really all about. Usually, this is not about being on a specific or trending diet restricting foods, or counting calories to keep you thin. Rather it’s working with you to help encourage you to eat correctly for your body type. Giving you tips and tools to implement healthy changes to invoke long-term health and balance in the body system.
  • Since the body can constantly renew itself, you will always be healing. You just need specific to you tools to continue on this path. You won’t go through this alone, I’m here to help you.