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Benefits of Membership

  • Your full-color ad on thousands of local maps
  • Your own page on the LABA's Web site where you can update your info at any time.
  • Marketing for your business at LABA events and in advertisements.
  • Networking with other area businesses at LABA monthly meetings (6:30 p.m., on the second Tuesday of every month, at the Scandia Valley Town Hall unless otherwise noted).
  • Influence in the monthly dispersal of donation dollars to local charities, individuals, 501c3 organizations and other needs.
  • Lincoln Lakes area promoted on the Explore Minnesota Web site.
  • Lincoln Lakes area promoted in the Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau Web site, and in the printed visitor and relocation guide.

LABA Member Website Info

Your membership with the LABA includes your basic listing and informational page on which you can easily edit any time you'd like.

Your listing consists of the following:

  • Company name and Logo
  • Brief description of your business (3 to 5 sentences)

Your informational page includes:

  • Company name, Address, Phone numbers, etc.
  • An Email link
  • A link to your website (if applicable)
  • Social Media links (if desired)
  • Full, detailed description of your business
  • Google map (if desired)
  • Photos, specials, etc. (if desired)

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