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Kelli Spencer - Certified Natural Health ProfessionalWhat is a Certified Natural Heath Professional?
A person that is trained to observe and seek out the cause of an imbalance to the human body and mind, treating this imbalance using only natural products and nutrition along with coaching you into lifestyle changes that makes a lasting impression.

Becoming a CNHP has been something that is very close to my heart.

This organization believes, as I do, that nourishing the whole Body (physical), Mind (emotional), and Spirit (spiritual) is the reason for success in becoming a well-balanced individual. This is the key reason why I started down this path. Long before I entered into the health profession I have wholeheartedly believed in working with the “whole body” as the route to healing anybody and this has been my mission statement since the beginning.

I believe in order to heal ones self you must be complete, as a whole.

Certified Natural Health Professionals, Inc. was created to provide information, instruction, and certification in the field of natural health practices that do not involve orthodox drugs or surgical procedures. Our philosophy is to respect an individual’s lifestyle choice while supporting the least invasive methods of health care maintenance.

We present a forum of alternative philosophies that are not easily found through traditional, informational channels and include techniques necessary to promote balanced living and the prevention of disease.

CNHP works tirelessly to supply information and promote legislation designed to protect natural health practitioners and the rights of the general public to choose their preferred methods of health care.

As many individuals seek to take proactive responsibility for their health, there is a growing need for qualified natural health professionals with the skills and knowledge to help others build and maintain healthy lifestyles. People are continually seeking ways to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives outside of the traditional healing methods. While working with a CNHP, we believe we make it possible for people all over the country to achieve their goals of bringing balance and health back to the individual. The knowledge and professionalism you’ll experience while working with a CNHP prepare you for a meaningful insight to guide you to a more balanced healthy lifestyle.

As the old saying goes “Your health is your wealth.” Plan to enrich yourself while working with a CNHP professional.

I take this certification very seriously and do all that I can to attend as many of the wide variety of classes that are supplied by this profession. I will continue my quest of learning as much as I can to bring to you all that may be necessary for you to learn how to guide your body back to homeostasis and bring harmony to your mind and spirit. 


  • A One-hour session looks at what your dietary habits are, where changes can be made and learning how to implement those changes.
  • After you’ve expressed your concerns about your body, we determine what may be the best route to take to reinstate balance using several modalities including nutritional guidance and other remedies such as homeopathy or herbs and flower essences.
  • You learn what lifestyle change is really all about. Usually, this is not about being on a specific diet or restricting foods to keep you thin. Rather it’s working with you to help encourage you to eat correctly. Giving you tips and tools to implement healthy changes to invoke balancing in the body system.
  • Since the body can constantly renew itself, you will always be healing. You just need some tools to continue on this path. You won’t go through it alone, I’m here to help you.

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