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Denis M. Bell, Executive Director
Denis M. Bell, Executive Director

A Gift of Giving

As the idea behind A GIFT OF GIVING (AGOG) was originally conceived , It envisioned fine artists donating copyright and together with Corporate support, funding the production of Limited Edition Prints to leverage as premiums for substantial donations to charity. After much research, reflection and changes in our economy, the concept has evolved substantially.

The new vision is to create “Collectable Fine Art” cards. 5 X 7 (folded)

  • Printed on the same archival paper used for “Collectable Fine Art” prints.
  • Printed with the same light resistant inks used for Collectable Fine Art” prints.
  • Printed in Limited Editions of 5000, establishing a firm base for increasing value.
  • The outside front cover will be the donated copyright Fine Art image.
  • The outside back cover will include the Artists Bio and about the Print.
  • When an Artist finances the printing of their donation, they receive Artist Proofs
  • When a sponsor finances the printing of their donation, they receive half the Artist Proofs, signed.
  • When a participating agent sells signed Artist Proofs, the commission is 50%
  • Artists and “Collectable Fine Art” cards will be promoted to enhance value for collectors.

The goal is to produce as many “Collectable Fine Art” cards versions as can be processed with supporting literature and memberships. The leveraging effect of these premiums on membership donations is substantial, depending on promotions and some initial startup costs.

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